Are There Any Games Like Moshi Monsters And Clubpenguin?


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Yes, there are a number of virtual worlds that focus on animal games such as Adopt Me, Neopets and Switch Zoo. Adopt Me is a free virtual game that allows you to adopt an animal ranging from dogs and cats, to fish and horses. The aim of the game is for you to take care of your pet and play with it regularly. Moreover, you have to play games in order to win points which pay for food for your animal. You can spend the points you earn in the Adopt Me town or take your pet out to play some games for fun. In addition, you can design your pet's home as well as interact with other animals and create a blog for your pet.

Another virtual game is Neopets which is an online world that creates animal like characters including JubJub, Korbat, Scorchio and many more. Once you have chosen one of the animals available, you can give them a name and create their home, as well as get weapons and items for your character. You earn points by playing games and winning daily challenges, in which you can trade for armor or weapons.

Another game that focuses on animals is Switch Zoo in which you can create your own animal by mixing images of a range of different animals. You have a choice of around 142 species so you can make your animal truly unique. Once you've created your animal you can then start building a habitat for them as well as write a story about them.

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Here are a few . . . I hope they help
castle of heros
knight online
defend the dark
dragon court
under water battles
flying high
SwitchIn MMO
DiveIn MMO
Sea fight
soccer manager
gangs of crime
hockey manager
X blaster
Dark Orbit
Action League
power soccer
f1 manager
space invasion
fly like a bird 2
manager zone
tank ball 2
tank ball
AdventureQuest World
Pirates 1709
War of titans
and my FAVORITE is Secret builders!! (it is super cool!)
I hope this helped
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You of course
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This it what I know!!!    (For 7+, need to read well to fully have fun, I love it)   (For 5+, you need membership and pay in real life to buy cool clothes)   (5+, really fun but need citizenship and pay real life to get cool clothes)   (5+, exactly the same as chobots but in french)   (13+, mostly boring)   (13+, mostly bad language)   (13+, can't stand it)   (3+, used to like it but not now so I don't know about you)   (13+,boring)

and lots more...

Here are some free browser based games:   (7+, some ppl but bad tank tags though but it a fun war game)   (13+, win cash in real life if you want to but kinds fun)   (7+, its quite funny)
thats all browser based games I know but more...  

I got one more game its called its for 7+ you can customize your own maze and you obviously make an account if you want to and it can show other ppls mazes they made and then battle the pc (really hard) or battle your friends on the same pc up to 5 player.

I hope I helped a lot!

Oh yh and these r my names on these games:

Team tanks-----I put DJ or Birdsdaward
club penguin-----I put Benny 150
fly like a bird 2-----I put DJ or Birdsdaward
chobots-----(not I put Benny5000
dark orbit-----I put shadow6677 I think!
Poptropica-----I put Benny6677

and thats it, thoughs r the games I go on!

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franktown rocks
wiglington and wenks
zwinky cuties
pixie hollow
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Yes theres a game called were you have virtual pets that you have to take care of
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Build a bearville
Secret builders
I clubpenguin (no membership you get it free)
Neo pets
Fantastic Age
Barbie VIB girls
Lil bratz angels
Our world
Wee Vils
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Well you don't have to pay for bin weevils but to be a bin tycoon you have to pay but you don't have to be a bin tycoon you can just play as a bin weevil n you don't have to download also there is fantage
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Millsberry: No paying





These are all very fun.

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Yes I have been asking the same thing!
There is maplestory (I find really weird)
and cool website( shop play and chat ect)
there is you ride around on boards and shop and play)older players
there is my favorite (some people think its weird)7-14player range
there is also sploder (nothing to do with moshi monsters but a make you're own game website)
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Yes there is panfu millsberry foopets fantage pico hotel city facebook myspace toontown smoogies woogi world and more hope I helped
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Hi I'm on moshi monsters and I no theres a game called club penguin but my question is there a nother game just like these? Please add me on moshi monsters.....oonay27                     please tell if there is.
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Bin weevils,bitty bay,spine world they are the ones ive gone on they are pretty good
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I don't know I'm looking for the answer to you question I would ask the same question
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Hi ! There is this game called Creature Breeder personally I don't like it but you might want to try it.
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Club penguin/ I'm bored of but you might like it
moshi monsters/so cool I love it I'm poppypops2211 add me age 5-18
zwinky cuties/ a bit babyish but good for young ones age 4-7
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Yes dizzywood and pandanda is amazing. My favourite is pandanda because you get to be a teddy and by free tuff yer
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Hi I'm on moshi monsters and I no theres a nother game called club penguin and I'm on moshi monsters so please add me     oonay27     and please tell me if there is any more games like them?
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Hi there is club pinguen webkinz neopets thinkerbell member and there is a lot more just check google answere or yahoo answere
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Yes there are there are tootsville moshie monsters club penguin noe pets smoogies franktown and toontown and a lot more!.
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There is super poke pets or foopets but forsuper poke you need a myspace and for foopets a facebook I think

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