Are There Websites Like Moshi Monsters?


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These are some of the games I play:

Club Penguin - (Waddle around the island and chat)
Toontown -   (Explore the craziest town ever and chat fight and make silly noises)
Webkinz -  (Look after your pet, play games, do quizzes, get a job, earn prizes)
Garden Party World - (Explore a new exciting world and grow things)
Frank Town Rocks - (Play instruments, talk to people, make friends)
Chobots - (A exciting new world to play in and chat)
Millsberry - (Make a profile, add people, buy a house , HAVE FUN)
Minyanland - (Create a critter, dress it, buy stuff and learn about money)
Pandanda - (Make a panda, decorate your treehouse and collect treasures)
Panfu - (Play for free, chat with friends, style your panda and lots more)
Woogi World - (Play for free, decorate your wigwam and dress your woogi)      
Webosaurs - (Make friends, play games, decorate your cave)
Smoogies - (Buy an egg, let it grow and look after your pet)
Tootsville - (Decorate your elephant, buy stuff at the tootsmall and have fun)

There is also:

Cool Camels,,
Secret Builders,
Zula World
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Super secret
moshi monsters
club penguin
bin weevils
habbo hotel
my cbbc
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Yes I have been asking the same thing!
There is club penguin(like moshi monsters)but not my favorite
and cool website( shop play and chat ect)
there is you ride around on boards and shop and play)older players
there is my favorite (some people think its weird)7-14player range
there is also sploder (nothing to do with moshi monsters but a make you're own game website)

hope it works!
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Club Penguin and Georgie Henley : You have to be 18 and over to go on facebook and its not like moshi monsters!
Habbo (18 or over)
girls go games (a bit different compared)
wee world
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Yes club penguin
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Yes there is. If you want to check it out go to
it's almost like pet society . Weird O_o xD
well, good luck
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If you happen to have facebook, bebo or myspace there is an app called pet society.
It is -in a way- similar to moshi monsters.
They have the most features on facebook however, so I recommend it on that.

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