Which pokemon is better, crobat, or houndoom?


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j-eight johnson Profile
j-eight johnson answered
I think both are good but it depends on your team. Get the one that counters the others' weaknesses
Onix Racoon Profile
Onix Racoon answered

Houndoom is better it's got a mega evolution which makes it faster and

Deadly with STAB Flamethrower and solar power to make it a bigger threat. It has higher defenses at 90 than crobat at 80 and more deadly

It also has STAB dark pulse

lumius earth Profile
lumius earth answered
That lies in what you want if you need speed you need crobat, but for fire power you need houndoom
Blazingstar Of ThunderClan Profile
I, personally, think Crobat is better. It's wicked fast, and although Zubat is one of the most annoying Pokemon to train, it's worth it. Once it becomes Golbat at Lv.22, you'll be glad you trained it. But then again, I've never raised a Houndoom before... It really depends on what you want, which one is better. Do you want an awesome flying type or an awesome fire type? Heck, get both!

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