Which is better, IPod or MP3?


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I have both..and I prefer my sony Walkman MP3 Player..as  Janey is right..you aint stuck with Itunes which in my opinion is very crap and it feezes and messes up my laptop and makes it much slower! And with my MP3 sonicstage music manager I can transfer from my ipod as well and not just my MP3...so its cool tht way...and my walkman its not too expensive..but since its Sony its a bit more pricey than normal..but it depends which one you get...you even have an exercise button on the Sony Walkman..although the IPOD may seem in the now and more cool..the MP3 is far more stylish and has better packages and deals from the manufacturer..although you would have to update every 3-5 years as the model changes more often than the IPOD itself...check the Sony Walkman Website for more details and then compare with apple if you want..8)...oh and by the way I forgot to add...and IPOD IS AN MP3 PLAYER..so in all means an IPOD plays MP3 files..8)
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damilare dharey answered
I think Ipod is a little better than mp3.
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Definitely Ipods are much better...When I was a little, I had a MP3 and now that I have the Ipod Touch..there is nothing that can compare to its awesomeness.
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Both are the same! They both download music: But some mp3 takes regular batteries and ipods hook up into the computer!
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Janey answered
Probably any of the other MP3 players, as they aren't as expensive and you're not stuck with just iTunes or Apple's DRM.
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Max C. answered
I prefer an MP3 player because I have a bunch of MP3 songs. If you don't have any mp3 songs on your computer (or somewhere else) then an iPod would probably be better. There are ways to download mp3 songs for free but it can be illegal. An mp3 player generally costs less than an iPod so if your on a budget go with an MP3. There are several ways to buy mp3 songs. I would recomend using an ipod with iTunes over those though. So overall pick which one suits you best based on the information that I just gave you. Hoped I Helped!!!

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