How To Evolve Golbat In Emerald.It Evolves To Crobat But How?


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Golbat evolves after it is happy with you

the lady in the spa town I can't think of it where you fight flannery I believe tells you how happy they are if I'm not mistaken

here is the dex on crobat and the evolution
here are other list of pokemon that evolve by being happy

use them in battle if they are weak put them on team first then switch them them get a feel for you and when you go to the lady she will say oh! Golbat is starting to trust you and likes you then you are close just level it up and bam you have a new crobat

message me later and I will help  you more thanks :)
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Try this.
Get to ever grande and then go to victory road.
Capture a lv 40 golbat.
Put it at the front of your team and give it 48 rare candies.

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