Is There Any Free Virtual Worlds For Adults With No Download Required?


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There are a number of free virtual worlds available which are suitable for older teenagers and adults only. However, the vast majority of these do require that you download some software from the company who provides the virtual world. It is practically impossible to find a good quality virtual world that does not require a download.

Popular virtual worlds aimed at teenagers and adults, which are free and do not require you to download a program, include RuneScape ( This is an online role player game set in the medieval world, where players can go on quests, defeat monsters and interact with other avatars. Although many reviews of RuneScape criticize the graphics of the game and other aspects of its intrinsic value, this is one of the most popular free virtual worlds available, which does not require a download.

Another popular virtual world which does not require a download to function is Virtual Family Kingdom ( However, while adults do use this site for entertainment and interaction, the site is G-rated and so is also used by children and young teenagers. This game, in a similar way to RuneScape, allows you to create an avatar - an online representation of yourself - who can go on quests, do fun activities and chat to other avatars.

Most of the virtual worlds which are aimed exclusively at older teenagers and adults do require a download, although this is usually free. Some of the most popular and highly rated virtual worlds which require a download are Second Life ( and IMVU ( Second life allows you to create an avatar in a realistic adult world, where you can shop, work, build relationships and fall in love with other avatars. IMVU is a similar concept, where you can chat to new people and experiment with the appearance of your avatar. These virtual worlds both require a download, which is completely free in both cases.
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