Are There Any Virtual Worlds Like Imvu For Free?


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There are dozens of virtual worlds that are similar to IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe), and some of these are free for all users. These Internet-based virtual worlds feature avatars you can customize to your exact specifications; they also feature lots of different ways to meet new people and play games. If you're looking for an IMVU-style 3D experience with social features and lots of fun activities, you may want to check out Second Life.  

All About Second Life

• Second Life is an Internet-based world where users, or Residents, meet up with one another by choosing avatars and role-playing. Designed for ages 13 and up, Second Life has tens of millions of regular users all over the globe. In this game, the world is called The Grid, and this sprawling virtual locale features get-togethers and all manner of diverting activities; for example, Residents can actually create properties and service ideas and implement them right into The Grid...this means you could design a wonderful building, and then use it to barter with other Residents. Trading services and properties is a big component of enjoying everything Second Life has to offer. It's free to set up a basic account for Second Life.

Onverse Also Offers A Free Virtual World

• Onverse is a free virtual online world with a range of interesting features, many of which are based on shopping, socializing, and games. Some examples of Onverse's most popular features include: Chat services between different characters (avatars), player points to use for buying fun residences, clothes, and accessories, puzzles that help you earn rewards you can use in the game, and contests between Onverse participants.

These virtual worlds are just a couple of free online experiences that are similar to IMVU. Often, getting started at these Internet-based platforms is as easy as doing a quick sign-up and confirming your registration through your regular email address. If you want to experience a different reality while interacting with a range of people from all walks of life, these new virtual worlds may be worth a try.
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Smallworlds is a good one as you can buy vip using gold or real money. Gold can also be earned and also bought with real money. Gold is used to buy certain items in the game and you can also purchase items using tokens.
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Yes I think that super secret and weeworld are two good ones to play
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Uh.... I don't really know. But might be a good thing to check out? Also Super Secret... Uh.... Weeworld, yes.....
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Um.... Zwinky is a very good one but its not exactly like imvu. But it does get a little violet and you can cuss on there. But if you stay away from those people it's pretty fun.

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