Is There A 3d Online Chat Like Imvu?


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There are a number of 3D chat rooms aside from Imvu, though it is probably the most popular.

3D chat is becoming increasingly popular as computers become more powerful and people have an ever-growing need for social media. Here is a list of some.

  • AWOL Now: This is a cute anime style chat room
  • BoomBang: Online chat room that has only begun recently
  • Bubbly Chat: Great for new friends and great to find your level in 3D chat
  • Club Cooee: Another great 3D chat room
  • Cyber town: This is an intergalactic 3D chat room to chat and party in.
  • Cyworld: Dream and hang about and meetup in a 3D environment
  • Dubit: This is a teenager orientated 3D chat community
  • Frenzoo: This is a 3D chat community for teenage girls to talk about fashion
  • Friends Hangout: A whole 3D world to meet and greet new people
  • Gaia Hangout: 3D virtual space for young people to share and talk.
  • Habbo Hotel: Hang out for friends to design a 3D space of their own and create new games.
  • Meepe: Combination of 3D voice and web chat.
  • Meez: Allows you to create a 3D style of your own.
  • Schmooze: Virtual game where you create an avatar and meet people in an 3D city environment.
  • sMeet: 3D place to talk to people online.
  • Socialise: A 3D environment for friends to meet and interact in a web community.
  • Ticket4One: Australia's virtual chatroom for singles.
  • Ustillup: Late night chat room in 3D for those who can't sleep.
  • Virtual Ibiza: Late night party chatroom and virtual hedonistic island.
  • Xivio: 3D world for kids that is fun, safe and free.
Most of the above 3D worlds are free to take advantage of.
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Not much 3d chat but you could try meez its so awsome and here a list of other awsome ones
runescape (but thats kinda boring)
and clubpengiun
sorry if these didnt help if they didnt try doing some research and look up games like imvu? Or something lol ☻

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