Is There A 3d Chat Site With No Registration For 10 Year Olds?


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Wizards101 but you have to download this game
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kierra baldwin answered
Yes you could try  if you want to do that you can come to my friends chat where I'm always at called You don't have to register but when you first go they they give a stupid name like bunnywump or something like that so you have to click on your name and change it. Also you can out your pic on there or go on google and get an anime pic or anime something you like right click on the pic after you click it once and see it again at the top of the screen then copy the code and post it in your image box..soon or later you will get the hang of it . And my friend that is 10 goes there. But he dosent use his real name, it is Neji_hyuuga
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Theres a new game called moshi monsters its fun free and no download...!All you have to do is go to .also if you go on youtube and type hey moshi song you can watch a music vidio.

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