Are There Any Safe Virtual Worlds For 10 Year Olds?


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There are some safe virtual worlds such as Moshi Monsters, which may well be suitable for a 10 year old.

This is a subjective question for the most part however, as it depends largely on how you think of the word ‘safe’ and define its context and boundaries.

Safety is not just in the games companies’ hands, but also in the parent’s hands.

Educating children to use the internet responsibly, in conjunction with safety measures implemented by both online game and media companies as well as parental filters, can help to provide a safer environment for children online.

Moshi Monsters is one example of a virtual world for youngsters where safety is paramount.  One of it's suggestions is for parents to create their own monster so that they can test out the safety of the site for themselves.  Also, it sets out a list of guidelines for children to follow on how to use the site safely.

An example of this is the online help tells the children not to give out any personal information to anyone (such as real name, location, telephone numbers), and if the youngster runs into any trouble, then they instruct the child to contact them with directions as to what the problem is.

Moshi Monsters and other various online worlds will be required to have in place systems where the information being passed around from player to player is stored and accessible to the relevant authorities should the need arise.

They will also likely have in place tracking tools to monitor the content of such messages to attempt to enforce active monitoring of virtual world content that is being generated by the game's population.

This can be a great help in protecting children online and making a safe virtual world for children of the age of 10 and up.
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These are what I recommend:
For girls -
- Go / Go
- Bin
- Brit
- I-dress
- Pixie Hollow (Disney.Com /
- Habbo

For boys -
- Dragon
- Club

What I don't recommend:
- Supersecret - Once you get to Age 12 you can't carry on until you buy a membership.
- IMVU - Its very rude
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Am 10 years old I go on BoomBang its fun I think its the best its so cool really cool I love it its better then some others to me I love BoomBang go on its you will love it BUT PPL get bored so it can get boring n you want to log off if you do go on Active Worlds

Coke Studios I don't know!

Dreamville I love it but I think girls we mainly like it :)

Dubit its for 16 year olds but ok

Habbo Hotel my mum n dad stopped go on it its BORING n not my age

Mokitown is like habbo but for 13 n under its good

Moove my big sister goes on it

Muse it boring

The Palace I LOVE IT!

Playdo its   shows you lots of virtual worlds not really good

Second Life my big sister goes on it

Sora City I like it

There my big sister goes on it lol

TowerChat my freind told me about it its BORING!

Traveler bob

Virtual Ibiza I don't like it anymore

Virtual Magic Kingdom its ok

Voodoo Chat its so BORING! My little sister goes on it its hard to register

Whyville boring cool

Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates it FUN! For preschool kids my little sis love this I don't get her

Have fun tht a lot of games so of them I don't go on them
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I know a lot of t hem.
Club Penguin
Moshi Monsters ( boring )
Super Secret
Wiglington & Wenks
Bin Weevils
Fashion Fantasy Game
Girl Sense ( not really a virtual world but you design fashions and put them in your shop)
GoGoddes (boring)
Migo Land
Free Realms
Squish Land
Ekidna Wold
Baby Dow
WBKids (16+)
Our World
You Play
Hope you find this helpful.
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I think build a bear ville is the best its very safe and is for all ages
there are:
Build a bearville(really great)
small worlds(for 13 + I am was on it and people talk about sex a lot so I would not go on it if I were you)
barbie girls .com(boring:()

I don't no a lot but if any body got one for 11 years please be free to tell me.
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Try ourworld or free realms or wizard 101.and trust me because I go on the computer a lot and I know...
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All of these websites are cool but never get on imvu! There is  kissing and all that nasty stuff! I have never gotten on it but I have seen the ads
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I agree, but if you have never played it, how do you know? They could be attracting you into playing it, it might not be the real game.
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I love moviestar planet. Have you tried that? You can make movies and make cartoons by controlling your own virtual moviestar. It's free too. And you an play games in chatrooms, make friends, buy awesome clothes etc..

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Ummm there's a lot...... Try Fantage, Club penguin, Petpet park, Poptropica, pixiehollow, panfu, Barbie girls, Dizzywood, Tootsville,  Wiglington and Wenks, Secret Builders, cartoon network:Fusion Fall, Webkinz(but you need a webkinz toy), and Toontown......Hope that helped... :)
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But you got to try Free!

Its so cool!

Its is the best virtual world ever!

Its for everyone!
  PS.You can have an 3d avatar!
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Chips Ters , Of course, there are, answered

Of course, there are. I have been studying a virtual reality for several years and I can safely say that this is the progress of modern technology, as well as the future of our education, the gaming industry and not only. If you are interested, then I recommend reading this blog -, in which you will find interesting information about virtual reality and its benefits.

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I suggest Ether Saga Online, it has cool graphics and if you like anime you would like this game. You can transform into monsters walk around, do quests level up to 105, and you can kill things. Its perfect for kids! I hope you like my advice!
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A lot of people say habbohotal and I really love supersecret and also theres wizard101 which is so additing and I wouldnt say its the best but its pretty fun and petville
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I am all for   if you look for me on there I'm zulu09,gold explorer!!!  Add me
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Try fantage it is soooo cool and if you curse you will will get banned for a few days or permanently.
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I'm also ten ,and my favorite virtual worlds are moshimonsters,com and
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I know a bunch a sites cause I'm ten too. Some are webkinz (need a plush)
Club  so fun!
neopets  (sometimes confusing but really fun!)
and I know a bunch more but most of them not fun.
(I, myself am trying to look for more sites)
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I think theres a lot of cool games peoplle talk about on here but do you have more for 11 year olds I can't lie about age
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I'm 11 and I know lots of games
here are my games I like
free realms really cool but you have to download
club penguin but after a while it gets boring
moshi monsters
toon town
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OO Dizzywood,
Foo pets,
Elf yourself
Gaia Online
Club penguin
Moshi Monsters
ourWorld (I think I don't go on it anymore)
Go pets
Addicting games

By loveberry89
a dizzywood fan lol :D
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Katie Spencer answered it is fun, I like their Australian theme, as if you can visit Australia just by playing this virtual world. Plus they have Mate Safety that allows the parents to approve friend requests
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Anonymous answered is soo fun and you don't have to pay!!! You can make your own avatar and build your own store and sell and buy and auction clothes you make or others make!! It is SAFE trust me!!
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I would reccomend
smallworlds 13+
poptropicia great fun I love it
club penguin
super secret not so fun
I do NOT reccomend imvu its perverting gross and is wayyy to hard to download.
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Well, there are loads out there. Some are rude but some are really good ones! Here are some I found :)

Club Penguin
Bin Weevils
Dizzy Wood
Our World
Moshi Monster
Wizard 101
Woogi World
Super Secret
Word Press
Girl Sense

Thats about it. Search them on google :)
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Their is clubpenguin it is a safe chat interactive virtual world and if you curse they will band you for a few hours,if you curse to many times on it they will band you forever.or their is whiled it is also a virtual world and its mostly for teens but me myself I'm ten and I go their and I know a few ten year olds.their is webkinz its a virtual world where you can't type but their is safe chat and you need to buy a plush.or pan fu it has cool outfits for members like high school musical and lady ga ga I'm not a fan of lady ga ga but its still cool. I have way more suggestions but I think I'm typing to much
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All I ca say And all I want too say Is oh my god you ride on these cool boards that can be any color! And change your carector you can buy lots of thing SOME are for members but most is for non members and it is really fun And also freerealms you can be whatever you wan on that game! Hope you try em out and you enjoy!
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Um clubpenguin is a safe and very fun site for all ages but mostly  for 10 years old because it is a kind of hard
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OUR WORLD! Love it

but you send hearts and stuff and you have bf and gf

its not for 6 7
no a lot world but not going to name them
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Er vizwoz is good  for girls and boys
runescape for boys lots of fighting

I er recommend   vizwoz,ourworld or stardoll
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I play smallworlds but its a little bad for 10 year olds and it gets boring if your not vip but its the only website where theres a lot to do!!!
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Well fantage is ok for kids and club penguin is for like I would say a five year old!  The others I don't think ive been to those web sites
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It may be possible for your kid to go on this mini chat room its called spiderman games click that and click on this game and click on high scores and chat
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Well theres club penguin, super secret , this ones not a virtual world but its cool I would recomend it to 10 year olds its shockwave is awesome!!!!
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Take it from my experience...I'm 10   (13 and up but I was interduced by 8 year old)   (hotel version)
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Super >there safe for ten year olds< but smallworlds and munizon online are not safe for ten year olds
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Hi, here is 2 free and safe kids virtual worlds for all ages:

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Michael Reese answered is safe but the only thing is the hackers they will hack games but I can't do any damage to your computer or anything it's just a cheat but mods and admins are trying to stop hackers/cheaters.
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binweevils (vey very good)  (:
Runescape (it ok but you have to be 13 to talk)
build a bear (crap)
club penguin(ok)

the be is binweevils you can buy any thing in your house and it free
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I like!! It is awesome!!! It is kind of like!! (but better! Well to me)
It is for 8 to lets say about 16ish!! (I started when I was 8)

It may be less fun for nonmembers!!!
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Yes F-you-N world powered by disney you can hang out with your friends recomended for 6 and up you can talk with your friends like Mickey,goofy,pluto,minnie,daisy,chip n dale and much more check it out!
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I wouldn't really recommed I-dressup, it gets totally boring after around 1 hour of playing. I'm 10 and I go on Gosupermodel,, Club penguin, habbo (sometimes) and some others. If you go on and then simulation games you can find a couple more worlds that haven't been mentioned on here. My usernames on the websites I mentioned arel
Gosupermodel UK - Vanilla Moonlight.   Gosupermodel US - Vanilla Milkshake. - Milkshakee
Club penguin - Lydia099 (I'm usally on Rainbow or Marshmellow)
Habbo UK (now merged) - -Darlinglulu
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Habbo doesn't seem like fun the websites I go on are and I also would suggest but you can play it and it is fun but once you hit age thirteen you have to pay to go on any further. Also if you want to buy certain things you have to be a member wich means you have to pay for it. But I like the other websites I mentioned. Hope this helps.
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Hey, is a 13 year old and older website. They are asking for 10 year olds.

I wouldn't recommend, it requires a lengthy knowledge of patience and HTML/CSS unless you would like to learn how to do it, there is a 24 hour period for most of the things on it.

Not Club Penguin, it gets boring because of the graphics and the minimum letters, not much fun games there and you have to pay for it.

If you would like to know some game websites, here are some: (USA Network's Character Arcade, of their great TV Shows)

I'm sorry if I don't know any other games for you.
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Poptropica-a virtual world where you can explore and help people out in tough but fun wayspixie hollow-a place to create your own fairy and play games and chat in trees and flowersfantage-a monitored virtual world that you can really do stuff without membershipbuild a bear ville-a cool virtual world with monitors that you can really see as talking bearsmoshi monsters-a world where you adopt a monstersuper secret-a virtual are world where you can play games do quests for others and meet the monitors.when you 11 you can decorate your own room and  get access to super chat. When 12 you get a pet. You can't be 13 without membership so this isn't a favorite of mineshining stars-everyone says they copy webkinz but they are made from the same name a star and have a plushie toy to go on and make a avastar and chat with other star friends of other avastars free realms-a fun virtual world for 10 and up so no youngies where you defeat fierce monsters and have partys,get a career(sorta),chat,make valuable friends and they have a monitoring systempet pet park-made by the neopets company but free. You adopt a made up pet and chat with monitors watching the chat of users
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I think pandanda is kinda good but some times it can be a bit babyish but it is okay ! So try it
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Webkinz is one of them

Fun Virtual Worlds For Kids is the new website that I made is where you can play games is fun

American Girl is fun for girls
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I don't think woo-me is very safe for a ten year old the limit in age is in 1991.
I think that is kinda fun
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Http:// - It is designed as a morally safe environment for Muslims, but anyone can use it, as long as you can avoid the bomb blasts! (That was a joke in-case you did not realise!)

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