Is There A Virtual World For 16 Year Olds?


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Imvu and Second Life thats all I know, I'm trying to search for more

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Kelly Howie answered is for 13-16 year olds. In my opinion weeworld is the best game ever!
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Yes there is a website called and you have to be older then 12 to have an account up there. Other than chat you can also dress up your 3d avatar. They have all kinds of designer clothes. From Chris Brown to Roca-Wear to Mims and Lil Mama and more
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Uhh totally heres a whole list
club peng win
wee world best out of all wee world.
Second life
kena va
zumba not relly a world zumba.
If you do want the best there is wee world make your character chat and maybe have a job and you have kids your own house and everybody is rich its soo fun out of all pick wee world ull have more fun

for 7 and under.

more for adults
facebook wins first :)

since I'm only 16 I doo know a lot of games for teenagers

look up to see all my anwsers
hope I helped:)

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