What Is A Good Preteen Virtual World Game For 11-13 Year Olds?


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You can try things like the Sims, or Secretlife but you have to download these. Other free online games for people this age include Xivio, VFK, Neopets, Millsberry, Fantage, Runescape, Buildabearville and Go Goddess.
There are other alternative sites which you can check out including and which have 60 minute free trials that you need to download but you can usually play for the first levels for free online.
There is also diner dash, cake mania, dream day wedding and gaia online which is an online anime world where you have the chance to purchase any number of things featuring clothes and chat with people, watch movies, earn coins, play games and just basically have fun.
Check out neopets too which is extremely addictive and is quite a cool free online game targeted at 11 year olds and the tweenie market just like where you will have the chance to do all sorts of things including send people your pictures, your pets pictures, you can go onto this place where everyone meets together as a social community where you are able to feed and nourish your pets and even choose costumes and clothes where you can dress yourself up.
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Migoland-you dress up your avatar and make your own house. You can talk to people from all over the world and eat at the diner and just have fun and go to virtual parties. Its totally safe!

Freerealms-you can dress up your avatar and travel to different places and play games. You can be a fairy or a human and you can preform magic spells on other players. Its really fun!

Habbo-on this you can dress your avatar, decorate your home and explore the city while talking to your friends. I've tried this website and I think it's really fun.

Pixie Hollow-you can create your own fairy, select her power, and fly around Pixie Hollow while talking to your friends while completing missions for money so you can make a pretty house. I LOVE this website!

I know TONS of these but these are just my favs. Contact me if you want more. :)
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If I had to pick some sites I would pick
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  • girlsense

  • stardoll

  • neopets (Have Your Own Pet)

  • marapets

  • yahoo games

  • be-bratz (Doll needed)

  • gaiaonline (Ages 13 or up)
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I'm more of a immortal person ;) {vampire} and I recomend that you go to or on outspark theres 100'S of games and on immortalnight you create a vampire or a lycan{werewolf} HAVE FUN!!!!

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