Are There Any Fun Virtual Worlds For 10 Year Olds Where You Don't Have To Use Your Parent's Email Address?


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Poptropica, neopets, runescape, marapets, foopets, fantage, millsberry, dizzywood, starfever agency, build a bearville, mechquest, adventurequest, sherwood, tibia, zampo, urbaniacs, chamber of chat, whyville,dubitchat, playdo, VMK, gaia, faketown, nicktropolis, mokitown, AWOLnow, habbohotel, meez,and anime For some of these you do have to put in your parents email address so I fake that I'm thirteen.
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When I was 10, I was really into Toontown. I am 13 now and I really like Pirates of the Carribean Online. They are both through the Disney site, so if you make one, you have the other. Also pixie hollow is something ou might like. It is through Disney so you will have that too if you try toontown or pirates.
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Build a bear ville
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Poptropica, neopets, bin weevils
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Some of these you do ok here they are
pirates of the caribean online
jumpstart(for seven to eight year olds)
twinity lord of the rings online
world of warcraft

these are all I know hope I helped
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Yes! is a fun place to play
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Type in one that isn't real.....if the website says something, sorry.   I know how you feel....I don't have one.
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If you are a
and if you are a girl just play dress up games or something.
Or make your son or daughter an email.
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There are none. However, you can easily make an email address without your parents knowing if that is what you are asking. Go to That is the best first email account there is.
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One cool fun and entertainment site is specially for 10 years old you find lot of games, there are many educational games as well where the child will develop skills much faster.
Good luck
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I request:,,,,,
Try 'em out
cp in dc

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