Are Their Any Fun Virtual Worlds For Kids?


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you cn try :
poptropica .com
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Try pandanda
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Ourworld 14+
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There are a few.  One of them is  It is a really great website made for kids.  Another fun website is It is also a really great website made for kids.
P.S  And none of the website allow swearing or any other bad things like that.   Hope this helped!
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You should go to when they ask you who reffered you put Ldtaylor and when you get their go to search friends and put in ldtaylor first then put in tmseals.hope I helped.
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yup shure is!check out these hot scoops for kids below!

12+   6+   fashon sites   messege boards  
habbo   barbiegirls   girlsgogames   cbbc
zwinky   binweevils   makeup world
weeworld   moshi monsters
stardoll   chat world
  club penguin

ps:I know that helped!
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Club for people who like:making fake money, making their own house,snow,taking care of pets

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