What Are Fun Virtual Worlds For Teens Where You Can Kiss?


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Teens looking for virtual worlds online have a number of great choices as there are many types of these sites on the web today, and the number is growing all the time. A short list of the some of the virtual worlds out there where teens can kiss includes Meez, Questseekers, Club Penguin, MySims, Fantage, and many more. These virtual-world-based games for teens have become big business in the last decade as business leaders have cashed in on teen interests.

Teens have joined sites such as Meez by the millions over the past few years because these web sites offer exciting places to explore and great interactive games you can play against the software or against other members of the site.  Another example of a virtual world game for teens is Zwinky, which promises teens an entire world of fun. In this virtual world, teens can create an avatar based on one of their actual photos, which can then be manipulated to enhance parts of the body that the teen may not like. In addition, teens can create their own style for the avatar. For instance, sunglasses or bling can be added to make for one super-cool avatar.

Zwinky and other teen virtual worlds also include interactive chat with other members of the site, games where prizes can be won and extra game privileges can be earned. Additionally, new places can be explored that also teach lessons about life in general. Many parents these days are using these sites as virtual baby-sitters and as long as their teens are staying out of trouble and learning something new through the experience, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Let your child join one of these virtual world games today and you might be surprised at what they learn.
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Fun for 11 year olds is  Fantage where you can design your style,  hatch a pet and have some fun.

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