What Are Some Virtual Worlds Where You Can Do Anything?


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There are many different virtual worlds and in these you are able to do different things. It just depends on what the virtual world is.

Some of the most popular virtual worlds where you can do anything are;

  • Wee World
  • Mini Planet
  • Second Life
These are all different virtual worlds and in each of them there are different things that you can do. There is not one single virtual world in which you can do anything at all. There are many more virtual worlds and there are new versions popping up all of the time. If you Google 'virtual world' you will be able to see all of the virtual worlds that you can become a part of.

These virtual worlds are different places that you can do different things as the character that you have set yourself up to be. These characters are all different and have different things that you can do, so some things that you can do in one virtual world, you may not be able to do in others. If there is something in particular that you wish to do in a virtual world, there is usually a section of the site that will tell you all of the things you can do before you sign up.

  • Second Life
The most realistic virtual world is said to be Second Life. You can find Second Life online by typing it into Google and you will be able to make your own username and password for the site. This will then take you to a page where you can make your own character online and interact with other people who are logged into Second Life with their characters.

Second Life has grown in popularity over the last four years and many advertisers use the virtual world to advertise and promote their products.
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You can get your own life in that way you can do everything a human can do or make your own in your mind in that way you can do impossible things a human can't do like make some real magic and when its in your mind were ever you go you can go to your virtual world that's what I do if I'm bored and nothing to do
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