Is there at least one website where I can play Virtual Families FOR FREE and NO DOWNLOADS?


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Unfortunately, as Virtual Families is such a complex game involving substantial amounts of data, it is not possible to play without downloading it. The download provides your computer with the capacity to operate the software of the game.

However, the game can be played for free. Free trials of Virtual Families can be played on a variety of websites. Usually, you will get sixty minutes of free trial with one download. If you want to play some more, simply find another website to download another free trial from - sometimes you can even pick up from the previous game.

If you really like playing Virtual Families it may be worth buying the full version, with which you can enjoy hassle free play and additional features.

  • Downloading online

Downloading Virtual Families should take around five to ten minutes. It will not take up a large amount of memory on your computer as a free trial. Of course, when you have finished playing, you can delete the program and once again free up the memory space.

The download process is straightforward; simply follow the on screen instructions. If you encounter problems whilst downloading, this will most likely be down to protective programs on your computer. If you are sure the website is safe to download from (check its security rating) simply deactivate the software.

Care must be taken when downloading files from the Internet. Downloads from unknown locations can damage your computer. They may be attached with a virus, which will infect your computer software and eventually overhaul your system. The virus may lead to messages on screen asking for payments - ignore these. Take your computer to a professional, who in most cases will be able to remove the virus and clean up your computer for a small fee.

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