Are There Any Virtual Game Worlds Like Sims That I Can Play Online (Without Download)?


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Some of the best online virtual worlds around don't even require a download, they include:
  • Smeet
  • Poptropica
  • Zwinky
  • VizWoz
Read on to find out more about the number of online worlds that you can join.

Virtual worlds online- no download involved These days, the most lively and active corner of the internet seems to be the area dedicated to virtual worlds.

From teen-friendly sites like Poptropica, through to games where you can make and spend real-life money (like Second Life), the choice of what virtual world to immerse yourself in to has never been harder.

If you're looking for a virtual game world, but want to avoid the hassle of downloading and installing a large program (which will inevitably slow down your computer) I'd recommend you check out the following sites: An avatar based multi-player game where you are invited to 'rock the world'. A flirty 3D virtual world where you can meet and chat with adults from around the world. A virtual game where you can play missions, get a job, and work your way up the social ladder.
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Well there are games such as:
Our World
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Yes there is one called 'Real Life'- you don't have to download it, just get on with it - and it is fun depending on what you do!
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Well there are 3 really good ones I know:

  • Weeworld (13+)
  • Moshi Monsters (all ages)
  • Stardoll (all ages)

You also might be interested in the following:
  • Club Penguin is all right ----- (all ages)
  • There is Millsberry but I don't like it much (all ages)
  • Have not yet tried Habbo (13+) but know it is good

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