Is there any online mermaid virtual worlds for girls?


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Yes, there are loads of mermaid games on the net that are aimed at girls and they are really easy to find. All you need to do is type in 'virtual mermaid worlds' into any search engine such as Bing, Google or Ask Jeeves and you'll be presented with a list of the sites you can visit. Just click on the link and it will take you straight there.

There are some sites such as that gives you a large choice of mermaid games that you can play. They are not just swimming games, you can also play mermaid dressing-up games and even go on adventures and quests.

Just follow this link to see for yourself:
If you don't want to go through the list why not try Mermaid World on It's a really popular game and very simple to play.

Here's the link:
You get to create your very own personalized mermaid kingdom. All you need to do is choose an object or sea-creature that you like from the right-hand side of the screen, place your mouse over it, click, and drag it over to your scene. You can then move them into place, rearranging them as much as you like until you get the perfect mermaid world.

However, always be careful! If you're playing in a virtual world there may be people who claim to be someone they are not. Never give out any of your personal details online, and if you're not sure about something always ask mom or dad. Happy swimming!
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Hi,I am looking for a world that you can be a mermaid or a fairy.Do you know any worlds like that?

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