Where Can I Find Virtual Worlds For Kids No Membership?


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Runescape is one option you have for a free non-membership virtual world. It is a world where you can train your avatar and you do not need a lot of money in the game to buy options. A few of the others to suggest include:

* Giropets
* Groovygirls
* Build-a-bear-ville
* Whyville
* Barbiegirls
* Minyanland
* Stardollmedoll
* Trollz
* Kidscom
* Fantage
* Marapets
* Xivio
* Woozworld
* Creaturebreader
* Horseland
* Virtualchinchillas

These are just a few suggestions. Without specific parameters it is difficult to list something you may be interested in. These do fit the category of non membership virtual worlds. For others like them you also have Facebook games that create virtual worlds. On Facebook you have almost any type of option from building a zoo, quests, and more.

They are not exactly like World of Warcraft in which you play against others. WOW is going to require a membership and most like it will. For example with anything that is a virtual world game for the computer like WOW you have to have a membership, but you get better graphics, a team to play with or on, and a player you can advance.

In some of the online names listed above you have pets or girl type sites that allow you to play dress up or raise a pet. They too have their fun features, but they are also set up for younger generations.
Here are a few other options:

* Habbo Hotel
* There
* Weblo
* Kaneva
* Moove

These suggestions are where you can build a virtual world without paying for it and have avatars. You also have text chat within these games to make it more like WOW as opposed to some of the other games mentioned above.
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Well there iz this one website called get on there too though)you can create an account,customize your avatar,buy furniture,decorate your house,explore spark city,buy a pet,and soooo much more!
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kimberly brown answered (membership just gives early access to certain things but non members will get it like a week later) (members get more money but I wasn't a member and I had somewhere around 8 million dollers)
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No not that I know of but fantage and club penguin have memberships and I go on it and I have free accounts
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Well first of all it depends on what kids like. A very good girl website is or try Poptropica is a very popular website for kids and there is so membership needed. Kids can go on adventures and earn money. is a very good girl website. They met new people, make friend, go shopping. It just like normal living.
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Thanks to all the people who put anwsers, I am now on My Dinos and Moshi Monsters!!!
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Well my answer sucks
You can make your own virtual world in your own mind or get your own life comment me if it sucks or if it help!!!
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Barbie girls but it does have membership
what about 'switch in' too
or poptropica but thats for boys and girls
I hope that helped
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There is a lot but there are some that I used to ngo on one is another is and another is
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The only ones I find, but you have to pay for the star coins :( it now sucks in its new version.All websites have membership.Well most of them O_O lol.
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You can go to it may have membership, but only for some things.
You can still buy some stuff. Hope that helped!

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