Does anybody else find it difficult to manage multiple social media accounts? Are there any solutions to this problem?


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I'm well aware of 'social mentioning' platforms that can be utilised for business, but often they are very costly which rules them out if you a small business. Equally the simple answer would be to employ more staff to monitor SM channels, but in the real world this isn't generally possible. I manage 10+ SM accounts and use a paid version of Hootsuite to keep an eye on Twitter as this is my core source of content. The remaining channels are set up with email notifications so I don't miss anything.. Luckily the accounts have manageable traffic so I don't get swamped..  I agree if there's a high volume of conversation happening a good 'monitoring' tool is needed.

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I use Hootsuite Pro to manage social media accounts and, whilst it's by no means perfect, I think it's a very useful tool for keeping track of what your target audience is interacting with.

I'm currently trying out a few other SM management tools - so I'll try and share some more info if I come across ones that are interesting.

There's a good Blurtit answer mentioning "BufferApp" here // if you're interested in learning about that by the way! :)
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I've been using Buffer as tool for time scheduling posts for some time with one of my main accounts. Well worth using for a single SM account..
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Ah cool - yeah, I really like the usability of Buffer but I think they have a way to go. Asking people to sign in to to get all their click data a major turn off

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