How does social media strategy help to build business?


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Franko Baldwin answered

It helps you build brand awareness. You shouldn't think of social marketing as direct sales as it would rarely be the case. But it can partially replace advertisement (actually you should advertise via social media), it will give you a direct interaction with future customers/clients and mainly it will build a name for your business.

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Social media marketing helps to make links and it is best strategy to promote our website or we can say business. Basically it is a part of link building.

Top social media sites like facebook, twitter, google plus, tumblr, linkedin, pinterset.

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Charles Bosse answered

Social Media is a big help in building a business especially when you are just starting out. Its fantastic because when you have a Small businesses you can easily recognize the benefit of social media as a communication platform that facilitates two-way communication between a company and its stakeholders. This supports company processes and objectives including customer relationship management, market research, customer base expansion and customer retention, product marketing, cost control initiatives, public relations, sales and recruiting. 

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