Where Can I Find A Virtual Kids Game With No Email?


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There are many virtual kids games online but you usually need a password to stop spammers from entering the gaming world and cluttering it up with advertisements. It is quick and easy to set up an email account with an email host such as 'Hotmail' so it is best to do this so you are able to enter these gaming sites. When you register with a site, make sure you click the box which says you do not wish to have any emails sent to you to avoid any junk mail.

There are many games to chose from such as imvu.com, secondlife.com, habbohotel.com, dizzyworld.com, aketown.com, zwinktopia.com, millsberry.com, kaneva.com, maplestory.com, dubit.com, activeworlds.com, stardoll.com, teen.secondlife.com, there.com, runescape.com, smallworlds.com, neopets.com, wiglingtonandwenks.com, fantage.com, panfu.com, clubpenguin.com, freerealms.com, wizard101.com, virtualvillagers.com, virtualfamilykingdom.com, planetcazmo.com, spinewourld.com, frenzoo.com, meez.com, wow.com.

Some games allow players to purchase in-game currency such as coins or 'gems'. Coins and gems are used to buy items for their avatar such as clothing, accessories or furniture. As players earn experience, they level up. This earns them prizes such as dance moves, access to new areas, vehicles, and privileges depending on the game.          

Many children, teenagers and adults alike enjoy virtual worlds where they can escape their everyday lives and become someone else. Some people use them to socialize, meet new friends and chat to people with similar hobbies and interests.  You can usually create an avatar and design them to look exactly how you wish. You can change their clothes and create a personality for them.

Aside from socializing in virtual worlds, you can also play games, create pets that you can train and look after or collects points, gold, cash or prizes and you progress through the virtual world. Often, your prizes will help you do more within the virtual world and give you more status and the access to more games, clothes for your avatar or different levels.
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Poptropica is one in which you don't need an  email, but almost all others require one. There are some games that make your email your username so you can try those.

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