Where Can I Find Hidden Object Games For Nintendo Ds?


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A hidden object game is as the name says; a game where you find hidden objects. This tends to be in games that require a puzzle solving or methodical approach to a challenge, but can be other genres. The real genre-opener has been the Professor Layton series, which in its combination of story, puzzle and observation requirement has developed a keen fan base within all gaming circles.

The most common type of hidden object game is the murder mystery. Famous writers like James Patterson have games loosely based on their works out, as does the TV series CSI: Las Vegas, and there is a large market for similar games, such as archaeological searches and other investigatory types.

In terms of finding these games there are many options. Google itself has a Shopping section, which aggregates all the biggest name vendors as well as eBay sellers and other smaller businesses selling this game, and provides the option to select by rating, price, location or company.

Aside from that, well established websites like Amazon have specific search categories for different consoles. You could easily search for the Nintendo DS and find the style of game you're after, as well as search keywords.

In the UK sites like Game, Gamestation or Play also have specific search categories too, and for US customers you'd look somewhere like EB Games.

Hidden object games shouldn't be confused with an Easter egg, by which I mean a secretly embedded extra bit of game or footage. These are in some DVDs but not DS games as they do not have the capacity.
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Hidden object game for ds

! Mystery case file million heir

2 cate west of vanishing

3 mystery P.I portrait of a Thief

4 the forgotten ruin

5 Sherlock Holmes

6 the big journey (not coming out yet)

7 hot & cold (not coming out yet)

8 mystery stories.

Hope this help you...let me know if you have any question then send me message ok
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Other Hidden Obj. Games(not listed above)
1.Jewel Quest Mysteries and Mysteryville(comes together, 2 games for the price of one!)
2. Fabulous Finds
3.Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple
4.Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville
5.Buckingham Palace
6. Titanic
7.Escape the Museum
8.Hot ‘n’ Cold
9.Dream Chronicles
10.Samantha Swift
11.Casual Mania(Hidden Obj. & Match 3 & Marbles,TN-Salon)
12.Mahjong: Journey Quest for Tikal
13.Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery Of The Mummy
15. James Patterson
16. IFind
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Yes you can able to find hidden abjects. Using tools. I Also find hinden Links for 8 ball pool

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