How To Beat Click-play?


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To beat a few levels of click play this is what you do - ( I'm playing on armour games)

1) click the play button
2) click on the 6 kg until it says nine kg and click play
3) pull out the sword from the stone and click the play button
4) look for the twirling button with the play sign going the other way to the others
5) click on the car and lift up the rocks to let go under
6) lift up the chain quickly to see the ball on the end. Do this 3x and click play on the last one
7) click on da bird, drag feather to her hair, click on her  5x then click on the cloud. Then on the flower.
8) click on the button next to the door and be really quick to click the play button in the window.
9) look for the blinking ghost and click on it. Youll find the play button
10) just find a window where the play button has been last and wait til it comes back.
11) click on the train and hold it on until you see the play button
12) try to last 10 secs. When a car comes towards you click on your car to move it.
13) click on the dark grey button and follow the light grey path without going over the edges.
14) click on the bombs in this order - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
15) find the person who sings C ( click on him twice) then D, then C again then the ppl who sing F &E
16) Make the letters spell play.
Thats all I know so please don't bug me for more answers or write horrid comments please
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1.   Click the play button.
2. Click on the 6 until   it's a 9, then click the play button that falls like a balloon.
3. Click and hold the sword.   Drag it into the rock and then yank it out quick. Then click the play button that is stuck to the sword.
4. Only one of the arrows turns to be a play button. Find it, and click it when it is a play button.
5. This one can be a little tricky.   Click the car, and then drag the rocks up so it can get to the sign (with the ? On it). After doing this, the ? On the sign will turn into a play button. Click it.
6. Click and hold one of the chains, and pull it up you will have to let go and
grab on again a few times to get to the bottom. Do the same thing with all three and on the bottom of the 3rd one you try lays (hehe lays) the play button. Click it. on the bird. It will fly away, leaving a feather behind. Drag the feather to the girls head, and then click on her until the girl is directly under the rain cloud. Click on the rain cloud, and the droopy flower will sprout, revealing the play button click it. the doorbell, and then be fast about clicking the play button!
9.look for the ghost that blinks, and click it. Then it will jump and under it will be the play button.
10.wait at a window that the play button has been at (I mean have your mouse on it and everything) and after a while he will come back. ("he" as in play button)
11. I can't remember what to do in this one... Sorry!
12.try not to hit any other cars for 10 sec. Click the top of your car to move down,and the bottom to go up. the button, and a door will open, and the play button is inside. To gete there, simply keep the point of your mouse in the line that goes from the button to the play button. the bombs in the following order: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Then the play button will apear. on the people to make them sing. Find out which does c,d,e and f.
Once you figre that out, do the order on the screen. Then the play button will "pop" onto the last note. the letters on the tile util they spell the word play.
17. Havent found out how to do this one yet!

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