What Are Some Lpso Cheats?


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There are a few codes posted around the internet, though many of them don't carry any description, and merely include the code required to activate the cheat. Here are a few examples:


Another cheat is to shake a green light tree whenever you see one. If you click on the tree twice, money will fall from it, which you will be able to collect.

Other codes take the names of colours, pink is a clothing code, blue and pink are others. Woolma and Felina are also codes, and walmart1 will unlock a nine day membership. Lapin22 is rumoured to do a similar thing.

Another way of obtaining codes or memberships for Littlest Pet Shop Online is by searching through YouTube. Many users have uploaded videos which provide codes or tips, and there are some which actually showcase a competition where the prize is a membership account for the game. LPS3, LPSOspring and guppy are some more.

A lot of the cheat codes are quite random, and it will take experimentation to discover what many of them do as details of the effects of many codes are sparse. Jet, target, panda, monkey.

There are also four other membership codes. VIPGIRL gives 10 days, as does hamster. Zebra and Turtle both give two day memberships.
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