What are some Drink cheats?


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There are several available cheats for the popular (and now free to play) gaming app called Drink. I'll give you a list of reliable sites to find them on.

The cheats range from simply giving you the answer to puzzles in the game, through to helping you rack up more points in the app.

  1. The App Cheaters website offers links to the complete answers for levels 1 to 11, as well as YouTube films covering run-throughs of each level.
  2. Modojo offers the same, but without the YouTube links, likewise the website Games Dreams.

    What Drinks Has A Cheat Website All Of Its Own
  3. offers all of the answers you need, as well as cheats for similar sites such as Higuessthemovie, higuessthecelebrity and higuesstheriddle.

Or, you could just stand in the drinks aisle of your local store while you play the game and cheat that way!

Here's a YouTube walkthrough of Level 2 of What Drinks:

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