What Are Some Ourworld Cheats?


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Go to and follow the cheat codes from there
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FLOW HARVESTING   NoTe: This will work for Windows, I'm not sure about the Mac, Linux, and Fedora users out there. Give it a try if you know your way around your Operating System though! :D  STEP 1: GET THE PROGRAM AND FILES ------    First off all, we need the program and files. Use these links to download them. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THEM BOTH Note: I uploaded both of these files, no spyware, etc. Is on here.  File Name   Info    rsclient   This is the program itself Quicksave   This is the file with the lyrics.  Download both of these files in the same folder, or use the Desktop.  STEP 2: SET UP THE PROGRAM  ------ Now what we do is we open the program and get it into the right area.      Click on rsclient.exe and two different things may pop up. 
  If the screen on the left shows up, click Run. If the screen on the right shows up, lucky you! :P  Anyways, once you get to the screen on the right, click the upper-left option,  "Auto Typer"  This should bring up a screen that looks like this:
  Now, use the shortcut Ctrl+O, or click on File, then click on Load Quick Save. Either way, your screen should now look like this: 
  See in the lower left hand corner where it says "Message Rate"? Change the number to 10.  STEP 3: UNLOCK YOUR COMPUTER: ------    Right-Click on your Desktop  Click "Properties" on the Dropdown Menu  Click the "Screensaver" tab near the top of the window  Find where it says  Wait: (some number) minutes  Change the number to "9999"  Hit OK  STEP 4: HOW TO APPLY THIS ON OURWORLD:  ------  First off, you need to log in ourWorld  Click "Settings" in the Upper Right Hand Corner  Make sure nobody can enter your Condo  Change Stealth Mode to ON  Go to your condo  Save your current arrangement  Clear your furniture out (so you have a white room)  Click the chat bar   Press F12  Turn off your monitor  This will make your Avatar automatically sing 4 songs  and repeat these 4 songs over and over again, so you get lotsa flow.  Use these hacks when:  Your favorite show is on  You do homework  NOTE: THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR LONG PERIODS. The flow percentage you get from each message goes down until you don't get any flow from it at all. (AKA refreshing is reccomended after each hour)    


  (Flow Harvesting made by WolfofSorrow)
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Through water balloons at dougbot and he will tell you to find otto so go to your friends list and look him up go to his condo and click on him he will talk then give you a chip go back to otto and give it to him and he will give you a lazergun!
don't get to exsited because you have to bye it to use it and only ppl who know this cheat can bye it

PS: When you chuck this at ppl they glow!
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Danny hes talking about a website
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You don't need cheats.  Simply visit this website:
Become a member. They give opportunities to get gifts and GEMS!
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Write test-mode 42 and then cryptobiologist
P.S : Be sure not to have any mistake; one letter wrong and you can't use the cheat till next day
it  can give you 30 to 40 flow I am not sure but it will give you tons everyday!

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