Virtual Websites,where You Can Create An Avatar,chat.for 10-12 Year Olds?


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Connor Sephton answered is a social game that has been created specifically for nine to thirteen year olds, which is great because the majority of similar games seem to be for either younger or much older players.

SuperSecret uses a system that lets players ‘age up’ from 10 to 18. Players create a human avatar so they can socialize, play games and hang out. With each ‘birthday’ they have access to new features. For example, at 11 they can have a virtual pet; at 12 they have a dorm room which they need to decorate; at 16 they get their first car. Meanwhile, once they turn 18, they can also vote.

Users can play up to 40 different Flash games, and it is very social because friends can connect using an in-game cell phone, which allows you to see the status and location of any one of the player’s online friends. If those friends are offline, a player can leave messages and even send ‘gifts’ to be picked up later.

Parents can relax because they can exercise control and set up features such as chat filters; be able to block players that they are not comfortable with their child interacting with; and even limit play so that it is done in moderation. Restricting usage is one of the best ways to ensure that SuperSecret remains as fun and innocent as possible.

Many young people were involved in the development of SuperSecret, and have been influential in determining what features to include, making it more attractive for the age group it is targeted at.
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Fantage (best for me)
planet cazmo (kinda best)
secret builders (kinda best)
weeworld (more 13-15)
meez (more 14-17 really fun but caused a little virus)
club penguin (really fun)
barbie girls (girls)
super secret (fun)
pixie hollow (girls)
millsberry (fun games)
girlsense (fashion design)
scapenation (fun)
free realms (download)
tygirls (girls)
allgirlarcade (girls)
roblox (?)
habbo (?)
imvu (teens-caused a huge virus for me)
start doll (fashion design)
build a bear ville (fun)
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Wee world
My fashion design studio
Super secret
moshi monsters
club penguin
franktown rocks
or if you like you can type in on google;
Are there any websites like super secret
What are some websites you can join
Are there any websites where you can have an avatar

Hope I have helped and I will keep searching
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Here are some appropriate sites for 10-12 year olds (You can chat create an avatar build islands e.t.c) (Virtual world where you can dress up play games chat with friends e.t.c) (Virtual world where you create your own monster and play with it and chat with friends and dress up your monster) (But you need a secret code and you need to buy a webkinz its LOTS of fun!) (You can dress up play games chat with friends participate in contests and more!) really fun create an avatar dress up complete islands but you canot chat you can only safe chat) (Really fun website where you can create a penguin and more) (Very fun!)

Hope I helped ill post more soon!!!

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There is this super cool website called ( well some guys come on) you can decorate your house, chat, you have your own avatar and dress it up
buy a puppy, virtual world, there is a mall, sushi place, park, lobby, and much more
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Pixton is where you create avatars, comics, comment on peoples comics, send messages to your friends, and have fun, there is no membership, its educational.  

The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World promises an experience in which players would be able to travel to factual and mysterious places around the world, travel through time and space, meet famous people from the past, play dozens of enriching and fun games, make new friends and party with them, buy exotic islands, build culture-inspired houses, wear clothes from different countries, explore secret locations, solve mysteries and puzzles and become a legendary traveler!
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A good website is clubpenguin. It is a website where you create a penguin and you go to a world where you can make friends ,play games,chat, and go to shops and restaraunts.
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I think its an awesome world where you make an avatar and anywhere you go you can chat!! Make a house become a premium member and get cool stuff!! Invite people to your house and do a fashion show or a prom and have a lot of fun
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I have been looking for that forever too! I say pixie hollow, woozworld, tygirls, barbie girls,roblox cool kids!    Hope this helps
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I'm not so sure, I'm 11 and there are a lack of virtual worlds with avatars for our age. I joined wee world, but I'm not sure how old you have to be. I think it's 12/13
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Fantage world is my number one recommendation to all children over six and under twenty. Create your own human avatar and have so much fun earning starcoins and stars to buy hair, clothes, pets, and other items to have fun with!

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Is there any of them for 10 year olds I'm one and theres no games to make your own  person even 11 year old games please you a, bored.....

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