Is There Any Fun Avatar Websites For 11 Year Olds?


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Ayanna Hyatte answered
Uh have you tried download) avatar) your own blog)zwinky(fun)roblox(downlad fun)Thats all I can think of sorry.
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Yea. This isn't exactly a avatar site but Babydow a site that lets you adopt a baby name it and care for it. They start out as a magical garden seed and they grow into a few hour year old baby. A Garden Fairy planted a either rose seed or cabbage seed in your garden! The rose represents a girl. A cabbage represents a boy. And if you don't want to wait that long  theres another magical garden seed you can use.
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Clubpenguin, pixie hollow, webkinz, wizards101, and neopets. Hope I helped out!

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