Are There Any Really Good Websites For 12 to 14 Year Olds?


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Being the mother of a teenage daughter, I'm more than familiar with the world of teen websites.

If you're between the ages of 12 and 14, I'm sure you'll know all about sites like YouTube and Facebook.

But there are also a bunch of really neat sites that are a little less popular - but a lot more interesting (in my opinion).

Here's my list of the Top 3 teen websites:

The best websites for teenagers

This is a list of websites that my daughter and I have decided are the coolest. If you've got any other suggestions, please leave a comment!

1. - Cute animals, a collection of photos that you can browse and add to. The animals on this site are sooooo cute!!!!

2. This is a site that lets you browse photos and pin pictures that you're interested in onto your personalized board. The sheer range of photos makes it a really addictive site to use.

3. A popular teen social-networking site where you can create dress up characters of yourself. It's also one of the biggest teen forum and game sites on the web.

Other websites you might want to checkout include the following;
  • Webkinz
  • myYearbook
  • Moshi Monster
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Stardoll and Foo pets.
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  • Garden Party World
  • Ourworld
  • Second Life
  • Habbo Hotel
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If you need help on Stardoll, you can add me.
I'm conilla3

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