I Found An Illegal Website And I Don't Know How To Report It.what To Do?


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Fred Jones answered
Illegal in what way? Police departments usually have a non emergency number you can call to report it and they would listen better as the 911 operators want to dispatch officersm medical or fire department and this would not be needed.

Either that or let the FBI know about it and if it is something they are researching already, it will help them or it may be something they should be dealing with and would have better means of dealing with it on an international level as the site may be located in a different country. The FBI numbers can be found in the phone book as well.
Fahad Hussain Profile
Fahad Hussain answered
What do you mean by illegal? I think you are nothing to decide what is legal and what is illegal.
Anyways if you really want to report about this website, contact to FBI and emergency police call center.
There is another best way you just make a complete e-mail and send it to many yahoo groups. It might help you to get report without your personal name.

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