Do Blu-Ray Discs Work On Xbox 360?


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Fred Hamill answered
No, Blu-ray discs do not work on Xbox 360 consoles.

This is because the technology to read Blu-ray discs is simply not included within the Xbox 360's specs.

Microsoft did have its own crack at introducing high density media discs to its Xbox 360 consoles with its ill-fated HD-DVD playing attachment. Ultimately, Blu-ray won the format war, and that device has since been discontinued.

If you want to watch Blu-ray discs at home, you are going to have to shell out for a specified Blu-ray player, or a Playstation 3 (shock horror!). Failing that - and if you are a particularly hardcore Xbox 360 fan boy - you could always wait until the next iteration of the Xbox console comes out. It will no doubt come equipped with a blu-ray player (Microsoft would be pretty stupid not to include it), and rumors spreading throughout the web are certainly pointing towards this fact being true.
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Emma Jackson answered
No, Blu-Ray discs only work in your Blu Ray player or on the PS3, which has a built in Blu-Ray player.
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Micky New , DIY CONSOLES, answered

Sorry but xbox 360 does not play blu ray discs. However the 360 plays HD dvd which come in a casing similar to the blu ray but red and it also plays regular dvd movies.

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Henry Parker answered

No, the Xbox 360 doesn't support Blu-ray, it's a hardware problem. If you want to play your Blu-ray collections on Xbox 360, try converting them to WMV format videos(that's the only format that Xbox 360 can play) on your computer and then transfer them to a flash drive. And you can directly play the movies on your Xbox.

Check out this post that shows you how to convert Blu-ray discs to ordinary videos. It should be able to help.

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