Is PS3 better than xbox 360?


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Considering different types of game consoles from different companies and trying to find the better of the two is impossible. The only thing that defines a console as a better one than other competitors, is who you are and what you enjoy from your gaming experience. There are pros and cons to both of the systems, meaning that you have to weigh up which would be more beneficial to your particular needs before purchasing a console.

Here are some facts about the PS3 and its usage:

• The PS3 is better for Internet use as it has inbuilt Wi-Fi connection for games.
• The PS3 is said to have better graphics on some games.
• The PS3 is usually preferred by the hardened gamer.

Here are some facts about the Xbox 360 and its usage:

• The Xbox 360 has a wider range of games to suit the whole family.
• The Xbox 360 can be used for features such as Kinect, a whole new device.
• The Xbox 360 is incredibly popular for its online gaming system: Xbox Live.

One thing that may sway you on your purchase of a console is whether or not you are going to use the games online. If you are, you may wish to consider the PS3, given that it comes with inbuilt wireless (the Xbox needs a wireless adapter) and you won't have to pay for Xbox Live which you can pay for yearly.

If you are buying for a family console, also, you may wish to consider the Xbox 360, due to its complete versatility. Those who are really into their gaming can play games such as Gears of War and Call of Duty, then you can play together as a family on games such as Guitar Hero or use the Kinect.
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Pick a side and don't get involved in console wars, the fanboys are pains in the butt.

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I have a PS3 and my friend has an xbox. I play online all the time, and if I had an xbox it would be £40 a year to use. And also the PS3 has rechargeable controllers. I think you can use 7 controllers at the same time, but that will only be on some games. There is a new PS3 out (I think) that can store 1TB (1000GB!) of space.
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X-box is a lot better than PS systems

I have had my PS3 for about a year now and all it does is freeze and I tried the x-box 360 and it was a lot better. It was 4 years old and it did not freeze at all and it has better games like minecraft and halo and other games.

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