Why Do Kids Like Video Games?


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We are now in the age of technology evolution, so kids are interested in games that depends on technology coz they are familiar with it. Also, video games takes them to imaginary worlds & that makes them thrilled ,excited & happy... Of course, those are the reasons of playing. Aren't they?!!
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I still love videogames. My reason is they can transport you to a world of magic where just about anything is possible. It would be sooo much fun if the world were really like that...also, they are lots of fun,you get to help the characters on their adventures. They can sometimes be amusing, too-for example, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, here Harry can fling the gnomes over the garden wall, then in hogwarts he goes on missions and the prefects cast Locamotormortis..LOL. So videogames are great fun, magical, and highly amusing.
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I would say they like video games because they still have that illusion like they are something they really are not and the way they can do that is to play a video game. I call it advanced imagination.:}
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I still like video games for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is probably the cheapest and most easily accessible means of getting away from everything, and being immersed in a totally different environment of your fancy. This is where the appeal of adventure and role playing games come from. In some ways, all games are like this, whether it is a sports or driving game or strategy game. Secondly, there are actually lots of benefits to playing games, especially games that help you develop reflex skills and thinking skills. There is only a problem when a person becomes too involved in the game, or has difficulty separating the ideas in games to real life, which is becoming difficult because of the realism introduced in many of the games today.
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Kids like video games because they are entertaining. It is the same thing as a movie only you control everything that happens. I play games more than anyone I know (save for my close friends). I am not obese or anything like that. In fact, I go to a military college, but I digress. Games appeal to children because it is something to do that doesn't require much physical effort, and for the aforementioned reasons. Don't let them play too long and get them outside and exercising. Also the reason I play video games close to 5 hours a day is because there really isn't anything to do where I live besides exercise and study.
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I guess it is human nature for children to play something that are entertaining. In games, children can understand something unknown without too much physical effort. They can control everything that happens. Besides, children have a strong attempt to meet new people. In games, they can make friends with those people who have something in common.

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Not only children like video games. There are adults who are likewise hooked to these stuffs. Video games quench the minds of the players and their limits are being challenged in another form, more interesting than their usually daily activities which have become routines and ultimately boring. The excitement and fun is deeply experienced when playing video games.
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Good answers! I think not only kids like video games, nowadays many people play in different games and I think it is normal. As for me it is good way to spend time and get some fun. I usually play in fighting games with friends, for us it is something like competition:) My favorite game is Super Smash Bros Ultimate, on dashfight site you can find a lot of videos about it!

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Hey I love video games like halo. Some games are boring you want to turn it off then you keep playing it feels better and better! Then you will never want to quit it till its over!
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The good things kids can get out of video games are hand-eye coordination and computer skills. You can also learn about history on some games. The only other thing is fun and a lot of it. Playing games can be a big stress relief.
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Video games like drugs are another form of escapism. There is a lot of pressure on today's youth. It also is a form of control, when children are often voiceless in the worlds of overbearing parents and berating siblings.

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