What do you think video games will look like in the future?


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Video games of the future will certainly be far more interactive, social and intelligent.

The games of today generally involve a pre-determined story, which the player can 'complete' by carrying out various missons or tasks in the game.

Virtual reality

The video games of tomorrow will be different. Virtual reality environments coupled with body-sensing controllers (such as far more advanced versions of the Xbox Kinect or Nintendo Wii) will make it possible for the player to completely immerse themselves within the story. These controllers will make gaming a far more 'real' experience than simply operating a character on screen through the use of a handheld device.

Non-linear stories.

Nowadays we are already seeing a shift towards open-world games and non-linear story lines. Games of the future will most certainly make greater use of this kind of story-telling. Every decision the gamer makes will have some sort of knock-on effect on the ending of the game.

Artificial intelligence

Future games will use far more advanced artificial intelligence, maybe even so advanced that a character controlled by the game may behave, act and react almost exactly and intelligently as an actual human being.

One's thing for sure about the video games of the future, they're going to be more real, more interactive and far more addictive!

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Yo Kass
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Enjoyed reading that answer, thanks!

I wonder whether this idea of advanced open world gaming, coupled with the increased dependance on online social networking will result in a hybrid fantasy world that people will prefer over their actual physical existence.

Judging by the amount of time people I know spend browsing linear social media feeds, I'd imagine users would find themselves even more immersed if that social connectivity came in the shape of an interactive virtual world - sort of like a Facebook and Skyrim offspring. Scary.
Lily Bradic
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Brilliant answer - can't tell if that sounds incredibly fun or incredibly scary! Definitely more addictive though, you're right about that...

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