Do you think they'll have robots in the future?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Sure they will! We already have many types now. They build cars and trucks and much more. Soon, as they perfect an A.I. that can do things on its own, they will be everywhere. Less labor work for people. The ones in the future will be even better and human-like than ever.

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Yo Kass answered

As Rooster said, we have robots already.

They serve all sorts of useful purposes, and are getting more and more realistic each day.

I can't tell whether this video is real or not, but if it is...

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Samantha Heller answered

Well, we have robots. There will probably be more advanced robots in the future. Japan will probably make that happen. In fact, they probably already have.

Check out this site: Robotics

The only problem I can see with robots becoming more advanced is they will take our jobs. :( and maybe the threat of them taking over the world.

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Jimmy Chen answered

I am a robot.

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