Is Hughes' Net Fast Enough For Xbox Live?


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Judging by the comments below, you'd think that HughesNet would be something of an utter abomination for taking your console online with Xbox Live.

After a bit of poking around (Blurtit is based in the U.K. And to be honest we'd never even heard of HughesNet) we discovered that HughesNet deliver high-speed satellite based internet services.

Well, any sort of high speed internet should be more than happy to handle the extreme amounts of data flowing through your pipes while you are online in a chaotic game of capture the flag.

While we haven't used this internet provider ourselves - and so we can't really comment - you may just have to poke around for friends' opinions, check some internet forums, or head over to the Hughes website itself and let their meticulously commercially crafted website wash over you and make the informed decision for you. It really is your choice. No, really.

Of course, the problems that are being discussed below are individual cases, and while any kind of high speed internet service SHOULD be fine for most, if not all, users, some people may find difficulties with many providers. For instance, that particular service may not be fully supported in your area just yet, or it may be a case of bad signal - similar to signal cold spots when using mobile phones - prohibiting the satellite communication data to get through to your modem correctly.

Either way, if you do end up having problems, it is worth contacting Hughes directly with any concerns you may have. Their customer support contacts can be found at .
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Well, I have Hughes' Net and it sucks for Xbox Live. I will be on for five minutes and it will disconnect me,

My friend is having a different experience. Because he hooked the cable that comes directly from the satellite into his Xbox he plays with no problem. He has little to no lag, and a consistent 3-4 bar connection while playing Modern Warfare 2.

Some of you will say "well, why don't I just do what he did?" Well, I buried the cable and connected it to my modem. I asked the Hughes' Net guy, and he said it would be too risky to dig up because it may accidentally damage the cable and I would have to pay a big fee to pay for a new one.

So, if you are a gamer and getting Hughes' Net or already have it, try to see if you can hook the cable directly into the system (I know it works on Xbox, not sure about PS3). Just some advice for gamers who do not have access to high speed internet.

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