How Do You Set Up Xbox Live?


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If you want to set up your Xbox Live, you need to have a mod-chip installed in your Xbox. If you do not have the mod-chip put in your Xbox, you need to hook up your Xbox Live to the Internet. You can hook it up to the Internet with the help of a router or just with the help of a cable from your modem.

The next step is to connect your Ethernet cable into the jack which is present at the back of your Xbox. After the necessary connections are done, you just have to go into Xbox Live on the MS Dashboard. You need a new account to be able to use the Xbox Live. You need a credit card in order to create a new account, but apart from the payment, you just need to provide some basic information. You must, of course, keep in mind that all your wires have been connected and also be certain that you have a Cable or a DSL connection.
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We got as far as accepting the terms and the xbox froze.  At what point do I use my Credit Card and get a year?

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