How Do You Set Up An Email Account?


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Opening an email account is easy. First of all, you need to select which webmail provider you would like to choose. There is a wide amount of choice, and most email clients like Yahoo! Mail and Gmail provide unlimited storage that really makes the difference if you are regularly attaching large files.

Once you've determined which website you want to use, you need to visit their lair and hit the 'Sign up' button. You'll be invited to fill in personal details such as your name, address and telephone number. Then, you can pick your email address. Do be aware that most of the popular ones will be taken, but you should be able to find your full name if you're lucky.

Next, you'll be asked to type in some security questions that you will be able to answer if ever you should forget your password, which you'll also have to enter twice to guarantee it was typed in correctly. Typical questions you should use need to be things that you can remember easily, but others who may try to hack your account can't. For example, what was the name of your first pet, and what's your Mum's maiden name? Both of these are fantastic examples to help you get started.

It's very straightforward, and once you're on the website, it'll be very difficult to come into any more difficulty. If there are a few things that appear to be a little tricky though, don't forget to browse the Help pages or ask a friend who has a little more background knowledge in IT.
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Email account is a online space that store your electronic mail i.e. Email.                        To set up an email account read my instructions which are very easy and clear and after reading these suggestions you can create, make and set up your own email account in any free email services like yahoo & hotmail.    1. First open the home page of email service provider  where you want to set up your email account.  2. Now find the "setup mail account button" or some websites have "register button".  3. Click on that particular button and you will get a  form that will appear in your internet window.  4.  Every mail service provider have their own form and mostly it consist of personal information, a unique user name, and password.  5. There is a button of agree to the terms and conditions which is  necessary to be checked and you cannot create your email address without selecting that button and selecting mean that you are agree with there terms and conditions.  6. If your required user name will be available  you will be prompted about the creation of new email account, now you have successfully set-up your own email account now please save all information of last step which contains your user name, password and your security answer.  7. The last important guideline which you have to remember is that please set-up a free email account before setting up a paid account. 
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It is very simple to set up an email account. You first have to decide which mail service you want to open an email account in. There are numerous mail services available today, offering a variety of features for the user to facilitate the emailing experience. Major email services include Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Rediffmail, etc. Let's take Yahoo as an example. Given below are the steps to set up an email account in Yahoo –

Firstly go to the Yahoo homepage by typing in your browser. Then click on the mail icon, which appears as an image of an envelope, and then click on the Sign Up icon. You will be asked for certain information which you need to fill up, then agree to the terms and conditions, and click on 'Continue to Yahoo Mail'. Your Yahoo email account is officially done.
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Depending on where you want to open an e-mail account at for example if you wanted a yahoo account you would go on the site and press mail and there will be a space where you can click on that says register for a account or sign up.
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I want to open e mail account at hotmail.
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Go to a website provider site like gmail, yahoo, or windows live and click sign up, and follow all the instructions. Good luck.
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You can either go onto and click on hotmail, then click sign up (which gets you instant messaging too) or you can you onto and sign up there. There are plenty more websites too like yahoo or skype if you don't like the ones I said earlier

Hope this helps :D
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It is easy to set up an email account. But you should choose a proper email client first. A lot of people use Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, iCloud Mial, etc. Also, Yahoo is one of the most popular services, but since there were issues with this email client, a lot of its users switched to other emails. But still, you can check the yahoo reviews and then decide whether you want to set up an account or not.

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It's very simple to open an email account. You have to login. For this, enter your username and password and click on either the login or sign in button. You see your account is open now.
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Setting up email account is very easy just go any of your favourite website and fill their form and agree with their terms and conditions. You are done!
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To begin with, don't let the word "account" put you off - there are a number of free web-based email account providers out there, and, as the word "free" suggests, you do not have to pay a penny. But if you do feel like having a little extra, you can also buy more space and facilities as an option with some providers.

To open an email account you first need to decide which of the popular companies you would like to have an email account with.

One of the most popular and well-known is MSN's hotmail at

You can choose between free email with 250 MB of storage, or pay £14.99 per year to have 2GB.

If, on the other hand, you feel like having around 2.7GB of storage for nothing, then you might consider asking one of your friends to invite you to open a free googlemail account. See

A lesser known, but up-and-coming email provider is inbox. See
With hotmail and inbox, all you need to do is go to their webpage and follow the instructions.
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You can set up a web based email by using something like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, or Hotmail. Navigate to any of these and choose the "create an account" or "sign up". You will be navigated through the set up process easily.

If you have Microsoft Outlook or something similar on your computer, you can also set up an email through there. Outlook would be on all programs on the "start" menu on your computer screen. Open it up and go to "tools" on the top bar and click "email accounts". When the wizard pops up, choose "add a new email account", and click next. After that chose your server type, POP3 or IMAP probably, and you should be directed to setting up information, etc.

Web based email is probably more easy to set up, they're both free to my knowledge. Have fun.
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I entered my name e mail address and password and do not know how to open my e mail account. How do I do this?

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