Can You Connect To Xbox Live From A Hotel?


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Sometimes your on the road, perhaps on a week long business trip to Hamburg with only that night's mini-bar and a book a vague German phrases to keep you company, and you really need a break after a long day of talking to the suits about business proposals and other such lingo you don't really understand. Maybe you need something to keep you occupied on those long, lonely night?

Take Your Xbox With You!
Well, how about this for an idea. Why don't you waste precious amounts of your luggage weight allowance, or at least incur massive charges to get 'round this, to lug your bulky Xbox 360 along with you to the hotel! Yeah? Yeah!

Ok, so it might not sound the best idea, but if you do happen to efficiently transport your console with you on your travels, then it is possible to hook up your system to a hotel's internet connection, after a few fairly technical steps.

Always Ask The Bill Payer For Permission
It was worth bearing in mind that you should probably ask about this with the hotel staff. For a start, many hotels will have you pay for the privilege of using their wi-fi network(s), let alone racking up huge amount of downloads on what will no doubt be a limited bandwidth. You will also need things like the WEP key and other security measures to allow you access to the network.

Hacking into the network simply won't do, and you risk hefty fines and other punishments if you do so. (Imagine being banned from every Hilton chain hotel in the land! Yeah, best not to think about it, eh?)

So How Do I Do It?!
It's all a bit technical to go into here, but we managed to track down some forum based discussions from the vast communities of Xbox users on the subject. Some of the very best we found are listed below:
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Sign in using a laptop and then change the 'Alternate MAC' address and host name on the Xbox to be the same as your laptop. Connect the Xbox. I've had trouble making chat and parties work, but I can send messages.
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Yes, you can it rocks!

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