I Want Free Ringtones To My Phone With Out Having The Internet And Pic Mail And I Would Like To Have Real Ringtones, Can You Help?


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This is possible but you will need to own a copy of the songs in the first place. If you have an iPhone and wish to use songs from your iTunes collection as a ringtone unfortunately it is not as simple as just having it on your phone’s ipod then clicking set as ringtone.
Though a little fiddly it is still possible to do yourself. First open up iTunes and highlight the MP3 file of the song you want to use as a ringtone. Right-click on the song. When the menu appears, choose 'Get Info'. After the next window opens, click on the tab that says 'Options'. In this window there is a 'Start time' and 'Stop Time' field. Click on the boxes next to each of these fields and put the time in the song that you want the ringtone to start and end. The time between the start and the end of the ringtone created from the song cannot be more than 30 seconds; however, it can be less.

Return to the MP3 file of the song in your iTunes library. Right-click on the song and choose 'Convert Selection to AAC.' A new 30-second file will be created, which is not the same file as the original MP3. This new file will be 30 seconds long. Drag this new file from iTunes onto your desktop. Then return to iTunes and delete the file that was just created by right-clicking on the file and navigating to 'Delete' in the menu that opens up. Doing this will not affect the original song file or the ringtone file that is now on your desktop.

Next move the mouse to the icon on the desktop and right-click on it. A menu will appear. Find the 'Rename' selection on the menu and click on it. The file will end with 'm4a.' Change the file extension to '.m4r.'Drag the .m4r file back into iTunes. Connect your iPhone to the USB port with the USB cord that came with the phone. When the 'Sync' button appears, click 'OK.' This moves the ringtone to the iPhone.
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My advice is do not go to any of the sites listed above. People do not properly read the question. It asks how you can get ringtones on your phone WITHOUT using the internet. What a joke it is when people post answers that lead you to websites with hidden fees and require you to get on the internet. Pathetic. If you send links to websites that are not what the question is asking for then do us all a favor and don't answer the question.
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Tonzr.com really does work! I am not kidding! They don't have updated songs but they do have songs. Ewwww. Don't go on meatspin.com it is really perverted and disgusting. :p
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ok, you need to follow the instructions above to the teeth or
it WILL NOT WORK. Their step by step tutorial works
well on the sprint phones that I have owned without internet!
upload your mp3 file
convert your mp3 to a ringtone on their site
after you finished making the ringtone (don't press the send to phone button)
click on the "sprint customers without internet" button
You will be redirected to the:
Down towards the middle of the page you will see a link,
click on it!
wait a few seconds ..... And then you will see a link to download the new formatted ringtone file that you will need to transfer over to your memory card.
the new file should be in .3g2 format, NOT in mp3 format
. Transfer it to your memory card's dcim folder
if that didn't work, try making the ringtone again
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I would suggest getting an SD card for you phone if it can that way it's free and easy.
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Ok that meatspin.com wuz DISGUSTING!!!!!! But I need help sending ringtones to my fone but without them sending me a message giving me thee links to thee ringtone
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If you have testing record a song then send that song and press add as ringtone
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Try searching ringtones using your computer and transfer them on your phone using usb cord. I use this http://ringtonesworld.info for my cellphone ringtones and can use usb cord to transfer them on my phone.
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I need to know how to also, I have a motorola razr v3 and my carrier is AT&T I have texting and free pic mail &stuff. I just don't have internet at the moment. Will someone please help me ? I would really love some new ringtones to jam too. Kthanksbye(:
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Go on tonzr.com and type in the song you want then put your number in and if you don't have internet on phone go on mms picture or somthin like that!! Only can do this if you have txtng!! 100% FREE!!! And I know that because I do it all the time and its fast and easy!!
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You can also use www.myxer.com and type in the name of the song you want and put your number in and it'll text it to your cellphone.
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I have an LG cookie and it cost to go on the internet on the phone. Can someone please help me too. I am considering having an SD card but I don't know how to put them on then.

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