Does Safelink Offer Home Phone Service?


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Yes, Safelink does offer Home Phone Service for residential and home office customers.

Safelink provides cellular telephones, with free wireless service that includes call waiting, three way calling, voice mail, text messaging, and also 911 emergency accesses.

The Safelink network has been designed with industry standard security measures. They also have email servers with on hand, top quality filtering which blocks unwanted threats, spam and such.

The following are steps to apply for the Safelink Home Phone Service:

• Go online and enter the official Safelink web page.
O Look for the box that says "To begin the process, enter your zip code."
o Type in your zip code and then clink on the "Go" button.

• Fill up the Safelink Registration page by typing in your personal data on the boxes: Name, Address, Birth date, Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
O Press the circle located near the monthly minute plan that you prefer. From 68, 125, to 250 free minutes.

• Type in the alphanumeric combination in the box under "Enrollment Validation" and then press the "Next" button.

• Click on the box right be the State and Federal Programs you take part in at present, such as Food Stamps, Needy Families, Medicaid and Temporary Assistance.

O Click on the box near "I Certify" to verify that you are getting aid from the programs, then click on the "Next" button.

• Adhere to the instructions that pop up in order to finish the verification process.
O Choose "File," then, "Print," then "OK" to have a printed copy of the output of the process, as well as the date when Safelink will send your phone.
O You can also choose to simply jot down the information.

If you wish to contact Safelink regarding your application or for any questions, you can contact them at 800 977 3768, from Mondays to Saturdays at am to 10pm and on Sundays from 8am to 7pm, EST.
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Does safe link offer home phone service in ga
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No.  SafeLink provides free cell phones and free minutes but not home landline service.  Also, Medicare is not a qualifying program in itself, Medicaid is or the dual Medicare/Medicaid program.  Program eligibility varies by state - you need landline service (and not a cell phone), then you can get the Lifeline assistance program as a discount on your bill, if you qualify.  You will need to call your local telephone company and request the Lifeline discount and they will probably send you an application.  You can also call your state Public Utility Commission.

Remember Lifeline is the overriding program that provides low-income families access to telephone service and it comes in many different forms.  It all depends on what state you live in, who your local telephone providers are and what Lifeline programs are available in your area.  Your state PUC should have this information.
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Home phone service
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It is true that Safelink offers
home phone service both for business and residential users. However, the
service might not be available in your area as their service offering might
vary with location. If the service is not available in your area, it will be
notified to you when you type in the zipcode. Another alternative is to try
websites that can help you compare and contrast various internet and cellphone plans. You may also contact the technicians in these companies to
understand more about the various phone and internet plans in your area.

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Does safelink offer home service in tuscaloosa alabama?

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