I Need To Know Good Websites Like Gaiaonline A.S.A.P! Can Anyone Help Me?


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You should try sites such as habbo millsberly or miniclip and shockwave as well as neopets, webkinz and virtualpets. There are also other solutions you can try including menewsha, zantarni, trickster, roliana and neopets.

Gaia Online is entirely an English language based anime-themed social networking website that was created in 2003 and was actually changed to GaiaOnline.com from its original incarnation as go-gaia by its owner Gaia Interactive.

The origins of Gaia originally came to being as solely an anime link list and little by little and bit by bit it grew until it eventually developed into a small community. Yet founder Derek Liu decided to go on a different route and took his site to move towards developing a forum-based website.

In 2011 there have been more than a million posts which are being posted daily directly to the site and Gaia is actually visited by 7 million unique users each month and has over 23 million total registered users.

The website has actually won a number of awards, including the 2007 Webware 100 award in the Community category and in January 2011, the company won the Mashable Best User experience Award for 2010.

Unfortunately in November 2010, Gaia took a dip in form and had to sever ties with around 15 to 20 of their 110 members of staff, but they are still in a healthy position moving forward.
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I really like crysandrea.com
It's a lot like gaia online but it's much easyer to get money.
I don;t think they have games though...Or a town...
It's basically a form site and you make an avi and there are some really amazing people there. The day I got it I met some one who bought me all but one thing I needed to have my dream avatar.
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Fantage .com is a good one its just like gaia
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You may contact with www.innovadeus.com

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Kingdom of Knuffel
I know it says ".de" but it's in British English, not German, so you should be okay.
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If you have never tried Neopets then try it. It is similar to Gaia but has more games and improved graphics
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Other web sites similar to your taste like gaia online or habbo millsberly or miniclip and shockwave and neopets,webkinz and virtualpets .
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Tinierme.com very similar to gaia online with all the same features except you can t get banned  and you can delete your account if you want
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I'm asking the same question myself... Try toontown its great I spen a lot of my time on it if you ever see me my name is kittyu my fave playground is donalds dock
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