Are There Any Sites Like Tinierme?


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You are going to find that there are probably going to be a lot more sites like Tinierme, however they are not likely to be in English. There are sites such as which many be like the one you already play, however you are going to have to accept the fact that the other sites are not going to be within the Language that you know.

• Google

This is going to be the best place that you are going to be able to find the answer to your question. Google can bring you websites from all over the world, and as you may be able to translate the page that you are on, you may still struggle to understand the game fully.

Tinierme is something that has been designed for people to play and enjoy all of over the world, but it is likely that it has been based on a website and chat forum that already exists in another language. You are going to have to ensure that you hunt online to find any other websites which may meet the criteria that you have and then you are going to be able to play the games that you find.

There is nothing stopping you from playing on websites which are in a different language (your browser is going to be able to upload the page and the game) but you may find that you are going to struggle to understand the game and therefore sticking to games such as Tinierme may be a better option for you until a new online chat forum becomes available. By keeping ahead of the game you can sign up to other websites and ensure that you are going to be notified when a game comes online which is going to meet all of the requirements that you have in place.
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Hello! This maybe posted years ago but I wish this would help out. I am currently playing a game which looks and does exactly like tinierme! It has town, trading and all! It's still in development stage but it's good to go compare with the other games out there.

A lot of tm players are already playing this game because it so much the same like tinierme and they gather together to meet old friends again.

It's called chibi kingdom.
here's link where you can sign up:

Oh btw here's my avarat atm in the game if you're wondering what it looks like :3

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