How To Unblock Sites?


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Well you can do nothing in order to remove the websites because most of the schools and colleges use the LAN based network so if you are using your computer on the LAN based network which is controlled by the server so you cannot do anything to unblock your website for chatting until the server does not give your permission.
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Well, you can try from the following list of websites and chat with your friends if they are not blocked:) 2.http//
I'm sure one of them must have not been blocked.
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Heyy , thanks for the answer to the question but I tried these at school, as that is were i am at now, and they are blocked like you said. The problem is that most of the proxy websites are blocked at school and if you do find one that isnt blocked, you get into big trouble if you get caught on it and if to many people use it, it will be found out. If anyone could, please would you post more comments with some more proxy websites. Thanks Becca X
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Some websites are being locked for some countries. So first you should know that site you're trying to open is from which country then use ZenMate Google Chrome extension to change your currrent IP to related country IP.

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u can try ultra surf, if u never tried that. If that does not work than ur scrowd

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