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So, you want to know how to watch videos on Tube8 - probably so you can use the site at work or at your school where it may have been blocked as part of firewall protection. Luckily, this is possible and there are a few ways of bypassing the internet or parental controls and internet protection. The best and easiest way is to use an existing proxy site; a server that acts as an intermediary from requests from clients which allows you to unblock and browse your favorite web sites such as Tube8.

However, if you cannot find one to use for Tube8, it is also possible to create your own proxy site. This guide runs you through how to go about doing this:
Alternatively, this one helps you to create your own server in minutes:

Both websites run through how it is possible to set up a proxy server on a public network. This is quite a complicated procedure so it is only recommended to be carried out by advanced computer user, as a novice would struggle to complete all the steps and would be more likely to be found out.

If you are caught using a proxy server at work it is likely you will face disciplinary action and could be sacked for breaching staff rules. The same goes for at a school as there is a reason the site is blocked in the first place - so be careful doing this procedure.
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Use google chrome it even unblocks parental blockages so go ahead and have fun watching porn. I hope you are older than 18
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Why don't you just use a different site? I mean, there so many out there, for example here you can watch young amateur sex video. And there are much more good options. Just spend an hour searching. I think that it's a much better solution than paying for good vpn or something...

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