Who Is My Anime Look A Like?


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If I can give you the form of changing from your looks to anime wich is simalar, I would suggest you doing a quiz. The Forms/Questions provided were What is your age?What is your gender?where would you be found during any of your leisure time?What is your motto?what is your favorite kind of flower?if you had to choose an element to represent you, what would it be?Favourite Animal?what type of music do you listen to?Which is your favorite word out of the following?Favourite Subject at school?& what major personality trait do you look for in a friend?my result was pretty and innocent. If you want any vitral worlds I would suggest tinier me.
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?I can't under stand what did you say I mean the person who asked the question what do you mean? I am a anime avatar right now tho :) I got plenty pictures of her :)

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