Is There Any Websites Like Woozworld?


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Yes there are lots of different websites with a similar concept to Woozworld. It is just a case of deciding which one is most suited for the individual person. Some of them are designed for girls, some for boys, some for young children, some for teenagers, some for puzzles, some for games, some for chatting or some for just making a general virtual world.  It is basically a case of deciding what you want out of the website and then finding the most relevant. Below is a selection of some of the most popular, and from here you can visit a few sites and see which one you like the look of.

- - this site focuses on the virtual world and chat elements designed for older children. You can make your very own Wee person from a huge range of features.
- - this game allows you to design your own monster for a virtual monster world. You can gain points by solving puzzles. Designed for younger children, possibly up to 12 years old.
- - this game is designed for 7-14 year olds and allows you to be one of the characters in the online world.
- - as with many of the other online worlds, you can design your very own character (a Bin Weevil). You can chat with friends, play games and decorate your very own Bin!

As you can see there are many similar games to choose from, if none of this selection are exactly what you want then keep looking, as there are hundreds of virtual world games to be explored.
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Here are some other webbies :
Monkey Quest
PBS KIDS( if nothing suits your needs XD)
Kid Command
Camp Pete
My Dinos
Planet Cazmo
Gaia Online
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I like Virtual Family Kingdom the best!

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WoozWorld? Awesome! I've got some websites that are fun. Here's a list:

MovieStarPlanet: It's made for girls & boys for ages 8-15. Ask a parent first though <3

IMVU: It's a bit bad for young people so either get a parent or wait until you're 14.

Moshi Monsters: Any little one can go on that website! Make sure you're parent confirms the email that was sent.

GirlGoGames: Girls can go on there & you have these games to play!

Ourworld: You should be at least 12 but hey, it's fun! Decorate & spoil you're 3D self!

Club Penguin: Read the title! Play games & dress up your virtual character! Well, girl or not it's fun! :3

Stardoll: For girls & boys to discover! Dress up & go to chat rooms.

Quotev: Not really a 'fun' website but you can play quizes & read stories! You can make you're own too!

Hope you like my suggestions, honey bear <33

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Hi it's me who answered on woozworld cheats and how to get free wooz .
Well there are websaites like woozworld like : ( to who can talk and write swedish like me ) ( for girls ) ( if you like barbies )
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  • Club Penguin
  • Planet Cozmo
  • WeeWorld
I also like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter but that's if you're allowed to go on those websites :)
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I have more references for you. This is website that discussing about tips, tricks, game guides about :

  1. woozworld
  2. binweevils
  3. moshi monsters
  4. fantage
Above are my best games I always play to now.
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Yes there is. There is games like wooz world on if you can find them they are VERY fun but VERY hard to find!!!
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Hmmm... I've got it! Instead of looking ONLINE for things to do you could always get out of the house and get a life! Or friends for that matter.. (Real ones) >Not ones that you find online< How's about that?

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