Are There Any Cheats For The Game Lady Popular?


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There doesn't appear to be any cheats for the game Lady Popular. The game is an online game that enables the player to take care of a lady. The game can be played by a number of players and the responsibility of the player is to play God over the life of the lady that is chosen. There are a number of features that enable the player to do this and these include:

• Choosing the wardrobe of the lady
• Enabling the lady to train and work in different jobs
• Choosing the lady's boyfriend and friends
• Taking part in sporting activities
• Renting or buying a house

Points are collected depending on the success of the life of the lady. This success is judged on all levels; for example, if the lady gets a new job it will earn you more points.

Shopping for the lady is a vital part of the game, as she will need to have a range of clothes to enable her to perform different roles. Once clothes have been purchased, they are automatically added to her wardrobe. New boyfriends gain points as well, as does taking part in sporting activities. Renting and buying apartments is another vital stage of the game, as some apartments have advantages, such as being cheap, whilst they also have disadvantages, such as being too small. The right balance should be found when purchasing or renting an apartment.

The IQ of the lady is very important in the game, as she will need a high IQ to be able to perform at different jobs in the game. The better paid a job is, the quicker a player can progress through the game. The IQ can be improved through individual games within the overall game, and by visiting the library on a regular basis.

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